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Mironov Vitaly

The company ALTERNIA - distributor of quality industrial fittings from the German company HEINRICH KIPP WERK KG.
Industrial fittings - all kinds of auxiliary elements that are used in the manufacture, operation and maintenance of various equipment and machinery. Latches, wheels, supports, hinges, handles, thumbscrews, handles, supports, locks - all these and more apply to industrial and machine hardware. Industrial supplies she needed for everyone.
Accessories KIPP is guaranteed comfort, aesthetics, sophisticated functionality and a reasonable price/quality.Regional warehouses allow our partners any product item in any quantity, just-in-time.
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booth Heinrich KIPP Werk Kg C3603
Pav 2 Hall 3


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Address: Moscow, Talalikhina St., building 41, building 31
Phone: +7 (499) 520-00-19

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