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Russia's first production of tubeless wheels for garden and construction wheelbarrows!- sales in all regions of Russia and CIS countries - more than 5,000 shipments per year - more than 15 models of building cars - our company is the exclusive dealer OOO Beslan plant "Avtospetsoborudovanie". The first plant for the production of building cars with a full cycle - trough, frame, wheel.- more than 50 containers of imported products - constantly updated assortment - exclusive model
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booth A-OPT B2302
Pav 2 Hall 2


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Address: 142701, Moscow region, Leninsky district, was a Prominent, Sovetskaya str., possession of 10/1, KAB. 410
Phone: +7 (906) 786-33-96and +7 (965) 179-91-91

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