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The company "Diamir" was created in 2004 with the aim of promoting tools and equipment as their own brand DIAM and leading brands in the industries using diamond tools in domestic, industrial and industrial purposes.
Trademark "DIAM" is a registered TM and belongs to the company"Diamir".
In the range of TM "DIAM" INCLUDES:
-diamond blades, diamond cups, diamond core bits, drill bits, cutting wheels, polishing wheels;
-machines for stone cutting, bridge and compact console for construction sites workshops and granite, universal cutting machines for cutting ceramic and porcelain placepro the finishing work.
-compact electric saws; drilling machines for production of works related to drilling of blind and through holes in different materials (reinforced concrete, concrete, granite, etc.)
- plate single-acting, reversible plate compactors, rammers;
-carvers stitches for construction, road and landscape works.
The company's range is constantly expanding with new models of tools and equipment in connection with the changing consumer demands and market conditions.
DIAM is a diamond tools and equipment developed by the company Diamir in conjunction with leading manufacturers,with the specific Russian conditions of operation
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booth DIAMIR B3001
Pav 2 Hall 2


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Address: Moscow region, Mytischi street Borisovka 12A

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