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German company Dimax Int. GmbH is the founder of the Dimax Group, the owner of the TM Könner & Söhnen, which produces generators, garden and power equipment. Products are made on the basis of our own modernized line of high-power engines, certified according to European and world quality standards. Winner of honorable European awards “Product of the Year”, “Expert Choice”, “Innovation”. All equipment is produced under the control of German engineers, undergoes multi-level tests, is marked with serial numbers for best quality control of production process and after-sales service. Due to this, the defect rate is less than 1%. Products, produced by Könner & Söhnen TM, are already available to more than 300 million customers in more than 15 countries in Europe. Dimax Group is planning to enter Russian market and forms channels of distribution. We invite all interested parties to cooperate!
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Address: Hauptstr. 134, 51143
Phone: +49 151 12712827

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Innovative TURBO system and remote control in inverter genertor KS 3300iEG S Profi by «Könner & Söhnen» TM.
Inverter generator KS 3300iEG S Profi generates an electric current with the correct sine wave (suitable for stable operation of sensitive electronics, audio equipment and medical equipment). It can be controlled using the application in the smartphone (start / stop, monitor performance during operation), as well as a remote control. The generator is equipped with a multifunctional display. It’s equipped with innovative TURBO system, which increases the starting power by 20%. If it is necessary to use the generator not at full power, you can choose the economical fuel consumption mode “ECONOMY MODE”. KS 3300iEG S Profi model can be used both on gasoline and on LPG, which makes it more economical and environmentally friendly. The generator is equipped with a noise-absorbing casing, can be used for parallel connection to obtain double power. Generator complies with Euro 5 standard.

Two-cylinder model of water-cooled diesel generator KS 13-2DEW 1/3 ATSR with an innovative VTS System
Two-cylinder model of water-cooled diesel generator KS 13-2DEW 1/3 ATSR is equipped with an innovative VTS System (voltage transfer switch), which allows to use generator in both 3-phase mode (400V - 11.25 kVA) and 1-phase (230V - 8.1 kW.) almost without loss of power. Due to water cooling, it has an increased motor resource and significantly increased duration of its continuous operation. This model is convenient in operation due to multi-function display SmartGen, which allows you to control not only the voltage, frequency, operating time, but also the oil pressure in the engine. Also, you can control the load on the generator, and in case of overload, protection will work. The generator has the ability to connect ATS System; function of pre-start heating of the fuel mix, which is simply indispensable in the winter; has a remote control. Generator is equipped with a noise-absorbing casing (low noise level, protection from all weather conditions, dirt and dust).

Innovative gasoline generator KS 12-1E 1/3 ATSR by «Könner & Söhnen» TM with increased power and only one cylinder.
A feature of KS 12-1E 1/3 ATSR gasoline generator is its increased power, which the generator gives out having only one cylinder. New developments of Dimax group’s engineering department allowed us to create a model with an ideal ratio of price, power and quality. The generator is equipped with an innovative VTS System, thanks to which the generator can operate in 1-phase and 3-phase modes with almost no loss of power, giving out 11.5 kVA at 400V, 8.2 kW at 230V. This model is equipped with a multifunction display; has electronic control of the air damper; the ability to connect ATS system, transportation kit is included. The increased fuel tank (55l) allows to work longer without refueling. Modern K&S engine makes the work of generator stable and reliable. Generators "Könner & Söhnen" comply with the latest Euro-5 exhaust emission standards.


TM «Könner & Söhnen»