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G-WENDT manufactures a wide range of professional tools for cutting, grinding, cleaning, finishing and polishing applications. We offer a deep and broad range of coated abrasive tools such as flap discs, our patented TWINPOWER discs, mini flap discs, folded flap discs, flap wheels, mini flap wheels, flap bands, flap rolls, cartridge rolls and shop rolls.

For finishing and surface preparation work, G-WENDT provides a similar range of products made with the premium nonwoven abrasives and surface conditioning (SCM) materials.

Our offering is completed with a selection of patented felt polishing tools for producing up to a mirror finish! G-WENDT products – combined with the FPM230 finishing tool and available accessories - offers user-friendly and versatile solutions for a wide range of surface finishing applications.
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Address: Werner-von-Siemens Str.5, 51570 Windeck, Germany
Fax: +49 2292 9140-40

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