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TM Calibre known in the market for power tools, household appliances and industrial equipment for various purposes since 2001. Working with our company, You will be able to effectively solve the problem of technical equipment of their production units, enterprises operating in the service sector, as well as country houses and even a city apartment. Brand the Caliber that we present on the Russian market, is a quality and reliable tool, and functional equipment designed to solve tasks of different nature. Our company is already well known to domestic consumers about their attitude to the quality of the products that it manufactures, its safety, reliability and durability. In addition to power tools and equipment, we offer chainsaws, diesel and gasoline generators of electric current, also released under the brand "Caliber" associated with many customers with high quality and affordable prices. Our skilled managers can help you to choose the optimal power tools, industrial and household electrical equipment in full compliance with the tasks you plan to solve with them. Which is convenient, as in retail and at the wholesale purchase, you can use the services for the delivery of purchased goods within Moscow and the Moscow region, as well as sending other regions of Russia an Additional proof of the high quality of the products that we offer are long the warranty provided by the company the Caliber of in our face.
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