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Trading House PRIDE - one of the largest in Russia suppliers of the professional tools, the exclusive distributor of TM JONNESWAY, TM THORVIK, TM OMBRA.
Our company was founded in 1994 in Moscow. It has branches in St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk and Kiev. The Pride is a professional and united team.
Nowdays it isn't enough to offer the customer a reliable product. The modern tools have to combine not only such qualities as durability, good tool life and ergonomics, but also to keep at the same time reasonable, competitive price. Our Trademarks are presented in different price categories and include the following commodity groups:
TM JONNESWAY (Taiwan) – the professional tools from the leading Taiwan producer which is gained by many national awards in such categories as: hand, pneumatic, automotive and measuring tools, tool cabinets.

TM THORVIK (Russia) – the hand, pneumatic, automotive, metal cutting, measuring tools. The young, dynamically developing trademark.

TM OMBRA (Russia) – the professional tools, includes such categories as: hand, pneumatic, automotive tools, tool cabinets and garage equipment. Much attention is paid to tool sets – more than 20 types of various sets.
Plus to the professional tools the Pride company is an exclusive distributor of auto chemical goods, car care products and auto accessories:

TM FILL Inn (Russia) – the high-quality car care products and auto chemical goods created on the basis of international experience directly for the Russian market.

TM ZEUS (China) – modern, high quality, ergonomic automobile accessories.
To form our range we make the deepest analysis of the Russian market requirements, using the old, checked partner relationships. Our experts work in close contact with engineers, technologists of manufacturers, that allows us to follow up-date tendencies and to control quality at each stage of a production process.
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Address: 125438, Moscow, Avtomotornaya str., 8
Fax: +7 (495) 664-21-70

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