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The Russian machine-building plant "TEXKOM" Saint-Petersburg carries out the designing and manufacture of road construction equipment and mechanized railroad tool. Our products allows you to perform a variety of tasks in the field of road, industrial and civil construction, and is also used for repair, maintenance and construction of railway track.
Equipment and means of mechanization for road construction:
•Plate compactors forward stroke with petrol and diesel engines.
•Cutters of petrol and electric, for cutting asphalt and concrete.
•Core samplers and drilling rigs – Autonomous drilling units with gasoline engines.
•Manual road tool: levelers (rake) for asphalt, grips to the curb, hand rammers, etc.
Railroad equipment and tool:
•Railroad hydraulic jacks, hydraulic rail straightener, rail racers.
•Rail saws, gas wrenches, track-mounted screwdriver units, drilling machines with internal combustion engines, rail electrical equipment.
•Railway tampers, electric gas wrenches, installation wrenches, rail grinding machines.
Permanent customers of the products of the TEXKOM plant are road construction, construction and utilities enterprises of Russia and the countries of near and far abroad; enterprises of the metallurgical, forestry, mining and chemical industries; railway track services, subways and electric power transports, defense industry enterprises and the Ministry of Emergencies; companies representing other sectors of the economy.
The main task of the TEXKOM plant team is to search for new ideas, develop and produce specialized equipment that meets the most modern technical and economic requirements of our customers.
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booth TEKHKOM MZ , OOO A2601
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Address: St. Petersburg, Vasilievsky Island, 22 line, 3
Phone: +7 (812) 331-50-54
Fax: +7 (812) 331-50-54

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