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Manufacture of hand tools is a whole world of exciting combination of raw materials, modern technology and innovative smart solutions. Hand tools serve a good service to people more than 2 million years, and some of them haven't changed much, neither visually nor structurally. However, there is a continuous development of tool materials and production processes, the purpose of which is to obtain such properties of the instrument, which maximizes the impact on the object, its change and improvement in its useful properties, in which our company focuses on durability, innovation and ergonomics produced by the tool.Our tools are designed for professionals in various fields of production and services. We manufacture the vast majority of the tools in our own factories located in China. Our distributors deliver them as professionals large industrial, construction enterprises, service stations, and ordinary people. Our tool is equally functional, reliable and convenient for use at home and at work.
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Address: 117566, Moscow, Chongarsky b-R D1 K2 PF2
Phone: +7 (916) 110-70-88